Stonnington History Centre, Melbourne

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Stonnington History Centre, Melbourne

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  • Stonnington History Centre, Stonnington Library and Information Service, Melbourne


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Northbrook, 1257 High Street, Malvern





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03 8290 1360



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The City of Stonnington was formed in 1994 from the amalgamation of the City of Malvern (a city from 1911 to 1994) and the City of Prahran (a city from 1879 to 1994).

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Structure administrative

The Stonnington History Centre is a branch of the Stonnington Library and Information Service, and a department of the Stonnington City Council.

Gestion des archives courantes et intermédiaires et politiques de collecte

The Stonnington History Centre is an archive dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the City of Stonnington and the former cities of Malvern and Prahran. The centre holds a substantial collection of essentially paper-based and digital records.


The centre has reading room facilities, which include public computers, wifi access and microform readers.


The collection includes books, photographs, documents, Malvern building plans, maps, subdivision plans, rate records, newspapers, research notes, ephemera and general local history information.

Donations of relevant material are invited from community organisations, businesses and individuals.

Note: The collection includes the collections of the former Malvern Archive and Malvern Historical Society, and Prahran Archive and Prahran Historical and Arts Society.

Instruments de recherche, guides et publications

The online catalogue is a descriptive index to the collection which also includes scans of most photographs and some full text documents. See

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Open Monday, Tuesday 10am–4.30pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday, Friday 10am–4.30pm.
Closed on public holidays.

Conditions d'accès et d'utilisation

The Stonnington History Centre is accessible by appointment. Access to some material may be restricted.


Limited parking is available at Malvern Library and on High Street. Please advise us in advance of your visit if disabled access is required.

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Services d'aide à la recherche

We encourage you to conduct your own research. Begin by exploring our website and searching our catalogue. Where our assistance is required, a fee is incurred after the first half-hour. For more information, see

Services de reproduction

You can order digital or print copies of many items in our collection for a fee. Visit our website for more information.

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Revised 12 April 2018




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Northbrook, 1257 High Street, Malvern
Melbourne, Victoria 3144