Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, Sydney

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Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, Sydney

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  • Educational

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128 Miller Street, North Sydney

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PO Box 1064, North Sydney 2059




New South Wales

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02 9409 6200




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Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College is an independent Catholic school for girls, Years 7-12, founded in the nineteenth century,

Mother Ignatius McQuoin, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney, arrived in Sydney from Liverpool, England in 1865. She quickly established a school at St Patricks, Church Hill. In 1873 she moved some sisters to a cottage she rented on the corner of West and Carlow Streets – the first site of the college. In 1879 the college moved to its present site, to the house called “Masalou” and the name was changed to Monte Sant’ Angelo.

Sister Sharon Price was the last Sister of Mercy to lead the college (1994-1999). She was responsible for the establishment of the College Board, the Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Foundation and Board of Directors and for the readiness of the college for transition to lay leadership. Mrs Beverley Johnson was appointed the first lay Principal in 2000 by the College Board and the Trustees of the Sisters of Mercy.

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Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College Limited was incorporated in 1995 as an Australian Public Company limited by Guarantee.

The management of the College is entrusted to the Board of the Company by the owners of the College, the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association provided by the Congregation.

The Archivist is in charge of the College Archives.

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School records, student files, Old Girls information, School memorabilia, photographs and student publications.



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128 Miller Street, North Sydney Postal address: PO Box 1064, North Sydney 2059
Sydney, New South Wales 2060