Baptist Church Archives, Queensland (Brisbane)

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Baptist Church Archives, Queensland (Brisbane)

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  • Baptist Union of Queensland Archives
  • QB Archives


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Honorary Archivist or Director of Administration, Queensland Baptists



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37 Redgum Place, Gaythorne





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07 3354 5600


07 3354 5646


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The Archives is the official repository of the records of the Baptist denomination in Queensland which was established in 1877, although the first church was established in 1855. There are about 200 churches in the denomination as well as schools, a theological college, camping ministries, a social welfare organisation and many other activities. The central body is known as Baptist Union of Queensland or Queensland Baptists.

Most member churches retain their own records but some have transferred earlier records to the Archives or to other local repositories. The library of Malyon Theological College (located on site) contains a full section on Baptist history, theology and identity.

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Gestion des archives courantes et intermédiaires et politiques de collecte

The Archives primarily contains the records of the Baptist Union of Queensland (also known as Queensland Baptists) and also some of the member churches, along with some records of individuals, and many miscellaneous items.



Records of the Baptist Union of Queensland including:

  • minutes of committees and annual meetings
  • reports and publications - directories, magazines, reports and books
  • records of some member churches and individuals
  • photographs and some audiovisual material
  • books
  • general items of Baptist interest.

Many of the items are also available in digital form accessible onsite. Access to many items is restricted due to the nature of the contents.

Instruments de recherche, guides et publications

All items are indexed in internal catalogues which must be consulted in house.

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Open to the public by arrangement, usually one morning a week.

Conditions d'accès et d'utilisation

Open to church officials and members, and bona fide researchers (academics, students, family and church historians) by arrangement on the usual conditions of privacy and security.


Accessible by road (parking onsite as available), rail and bus. The Archives is on ground floor and fully accessible.

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Items are not on open access but honorary staff locate items and assist with questions and provide advice and guidance.

Services de reproduction

Copier and scanner available but clients should bring their own devices as well.

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Revised 30 March 2018




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  • Genealogical (Thematic area)
  • Religion (Thematic area)
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Contact principal

37 Redgum Place, Gaythorne
Brisbane, Queensland 4051