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Adolph Basser Library


Street address
Gordon Street, Acton 2601
Postal address
GPO Box 783, Canberra 2601
(02) 6247-9024
(02) 6257-4620


Officer in charge
Hours & facilities
Open Mon-Wed 9am-5:30pm; closed Public Holidays. General reference assistance available. Copying services for books, journals, original records to A3, microfilms and photographs at cost.
Advance notice of visit is advisable.
Acquisition focus
History of science in Australia. The Library collects personal papers of prominent Australian scientists and records of scientific societies.
230m (35% in-house).
Major holdings
  • Rivett, A C D: Papers 1907-1961 (4.4m).
  • Gilruth, J A: Papers 1890-1954 (0.16m).
  • Geological Society of Australia: Records 1953-(10m).
  • Australian Institute of Physics: Records 1923- (14.5m).
  • Australian Society for Parasitology: Records 1964- (10.4m).
  • Swan, J M: Papers 1943-1985 (7.2m).
  • Fenner, F J: Papers 1920- (5.75m).
  • Tate, R: Papers 1863-1894 (0.05m).
  • Wark, I W: Papers 1909-1985 (6.25m).
  • Titterton, E W: Papers 1937-1986 (17m).
  • Fairley, N H: Papers 1916-1971 (6.1m).
  • Entries in National Library of Australia Guide to Collections of Manuscripts Relating to Australia.
  • Guides produced by Australian Science Archives Project for Walter Geoffrey Duffield, Ronald Gordon Giovanelli, Andrew Crowther Hurley, Armin Aleksander Opik, Albert George Lloyd Rees, Ian William Wark.
  • King, Bill & McCarthy, Gavan, The records of Albert Cherbury David Rivett (1885-1961) and British Association for the Advancement of Science Australian meeting 1914 ASAP, 1988.
  • Clayton, Rosanne, 'Basser Library Manuscripts listed recently' Historical Records of Australian Science 6(3)(Dec 1986): 423-5.
  • Clayton, Rosanne, 'The Adolph Basser Library' Group for Scientific and Technological Collections Newsletter 4 (March 1988): 3-4.
  • Clayton, Rosanne, 'Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science' editors Biskup, P and Goodman, D Resources for Australian studies in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1988:173-193.
  • Clayton, Rosanne, 'Basser Library manuscripts listed 1987-1988' Historical Records of Australian Science 7/4 (June 1989): 431-5.
  • Clayton, Rosanne and McCarthy, Gavan 'The records of E.W. Titterton, nuclear physicist' Archives and Manuscripts 20/1 (May 1992): 41-50.
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Last updated: Oct. 11, 2010